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January 2013

dcancel Entrepreneurs Who Master Storytelling Win More -

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shanselman “It’s amazing how much disposable income you find after you commit to living in or under your means.”

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arachleff Contrary to convention wisdom maxing out your 401(k) is not a good idea.

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jasonfried Building stuff is fun. Period. Making something out of nothing is endlessly rewarding.

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@bergrbergr @jjnoldweb Im remote today and terrible at the foos. Not in the tourney but happy to scrimmage next week for the funofit.

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It makes me sad when I fail to beat Google’s autocomplete.

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Sell Microsoft NOW! Game Over - Ballmer Loses


I’m grateful to have been raised with the ideal that anything is possible, that dreaming big is a virtue.

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francoismat 4 reasons ‘entre-ployees’ will reshape tech innovation in 2013 | VentureBeat #Innovation

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danmartell This is what I work on 24x7 @getmoreclarity #marketplace #metrics #leanstarup /ht byosko

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@Prismatic when will I be able to send stuff to @Pocket via the iOS app? Love your curation, but really need my #workflow.

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Occasionally, the idea of diving into something completely void of technology can be so appealing. #timetocrochet #notreally

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jeffweiner I learn something new practically every time I hear Jeff Bezos speak. 12 business lessons from one of the best

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Is @craigslist messing around with its layout again? The listing page is now fixed-width and even more minimal.

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DannyEarl Personally, I think Lance Armstrong should keep his trophies and awards.

Last time I rode a bike on drugs I ended up in my neighbors bushes

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ReillyRick After years of lying to my face, Lance Armstrong apologizes in an email. He can keep it. My column:

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@Picturelife is so awesomely awesome. Took me 2 full days to upload all 60GBs of pics - too fun reliving memories I’ve totally forgotten…

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Started journaling recently. Loving @dayoneapp for helping organize my craziness. Beautifully simple and fun to use.

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dhh Under the plea bargain regime, the prosecution is judge, jury, and, in Aaron’s case, partial executioner. We must separate concerns again.

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asmartbear The Things That I Believe -

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garrytan It’s not about the tech anymore. It’s about the design.

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danmartell Do everything you can to work with great people.

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Interview with Ian Hickson, HTML editor | HTML5 Doctor via @html5doctor

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4 Hard Questions For Enterprise Developers Who Want To Get Ahead via @prismatic