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I was featured on Fashonify.com

"First off, I'd like to just say THANK YOU! Thank you for creating AdRavage.com. It has helped me immensely in my profession.

I'm a Realtor/Broker in Chicago,IL and your product has simply and seamlessly increased my success as an agent. Craigslist is a huge hub for posting, searching, and finding condos and apartments in the Chicago real estate market. As a Realtor, I have been able to capitalize on AdRavage and as such, have obtained more listings and found more clients way more easily than before when I was not using AdRavage.

Simple and practical ideas that turn into products like AdRavage are the future of capitalizing on web-based business. If AdRavage is any indicator of your success, I am sure you will go very far in life."

- Tom Steigleder, Keller Williams Gold Coast Realtors

I was recently interviewed by doeswhat as the founder of AdRavage.com. Read full interview here

- DoesWhat.com. Tech news, tutorials, interviews.

"Chris is a professional at what he does. The project he completed for us is of high quality and exactly what we wanted. His knowledge of what he is doing is spot-on and he was fantastic at turning our ideas into a real solution that is both functional and attractive. One thing we were very impressed with is how well he was able to integrate the administration and control of our site into Wordpress, a platform we are familiar with and use when we can. He will give you regular updates on his work, and can show you various stages of the build as he completes them. We will definitely work with Chris again!"

- Alex, Branson Internet Ventures

I was recently contacted about adding AdRavage.com into the excellent Screenfluent Web design gallery by the site's creator - an honor for me. Feel free to check it out via the link below or browse their gallery for other great examples of beautiful design/function. Thanks Simon!

Check out AdRavage.com on screenfluent.com here

- AdRavage.com on screenfluent.com

"Chris Fay is one of ThemeForest's fantastic rising stars with a growing portfolio of really great work. Chris was kind enough to answer a few questions for this week's interview and here's what the author had to say..."

Read full interview here

- ThemeForest.net, Online design network.

"I just finished showing multiple team members Chris' latest development project, every person was amazed. In the short time I have known Chris he has developed 3 key tools that we use every day to make our jobs more efficient. The tools Chris has provided us through his technical review utilities, upgrade estimator, as well as a customer records management search tool make our jobs easier and allow us to easily find the important data and make timely decisions based on those results.

Without the use of the tools that Chris has provided us our ability to work efficiently and effectively would be drastically reduced."

- Chris Legler, Managed Services Project Manager at Perceptive Software

"Chris was able to write a customized utility from scratch to increase the efficiency on our team. He took the initiative to improve a process that used to take an hour and, through an applet he wrote, was able to automate and perform the same task within 15 minutes...with more accurate results! The user interface he created was extremely user-friendly and freed up the time on our team to generate more revenue for the company."

- Shawn Hickey, Managed Services Project Manager at Perceptive Software